How Were Dinosaurs Born?

This has been one of the greatest and most inexplicable mysteries in science about these huge creatures that ruled the earth for more than 160 million years and then suddenly became extinct.

The first dinosaurs inhabited the planet 230 million years ago, but one of the questions we ask ourselves when talking about these large reptiles is: how were they born?

Well, we must clarify that in reality these beings were evolving in their species until they became dinosaurs.

The first dinosaurs began to appear in the early Triassic period.

Dinosaurs, like all reptiles, were oviparous beings: which means that they were born from an egg.

Other oviparous beings of that time were birds, who also incubated their young in eggs and deposited their eggs in large nests, proportional to their large size.

In 1923, the naturalist and explorer Roy Chapman Andrews, was the one who discovered the first fossils that were made known of dinosaur eggs and the remains of their nests.

In his discovery he noted that those dinosaur eggs did not have a particular structure; rather, there were eggs with a wide variety of sizes, shapes and could be round or elliptical; between about 8 and 53 centimeters.

At present, dinosaur eggs are usually one of the most difficult to find since they are very rare and what is usually found are fragments of the shell.

Did You know?

The largest dinosaur egg found so far is between about 24 cm in diameter and about 30 cm long and is said to have belonged to a dinosaur about 12 meters tall.

How Were Dinosaurs Born?

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