Video Game Currency Exchange – Will Video Game Companies Pay You For Your Premium Content?

Video Game Currency Exchange – Will Video
Game Companies Pay You For Your
Premium Content?
Purchasing game currency from outside third parties can sound pretty harmless, after all, it s
simply not illegal, and if anything, it s simply a matter of exchanging virtual currency used in a
computer game Hero Park. However, many countries have made it illegal to exchange foreign currencies
online in general, with the single notable exception of Malaysia. Malaysia has remained the only
country to implement a complete ban on all forms of game currency exchange, including PayPal.
A brief history of game currency will reveal that it was developed by computer games in the early
1980s, as an alternative to the traditional currencies used in the game (for example, gold or
silver). At the time, games were limited to single players; however, with the invention of
multiplayer games such as EverQuest and World of Warcraft, this changed. Within a few years,
as the popularity of these massively multiplayer online role playing games grew, so did the need
for in-game currency. Today, nearly every massively multiplayer online game utilizes some form
of game currency.

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Most common in the gaming industry today are game currency systems such as ” FIFA” and
“UEFA.” The most popular title to come out of this movement is “World of Warcraft.” Other
popular titles which utilize game currency include Counter Strike, DayZ, Train Simulator,
WarCraft, and others hero park coin. Malaysia used a unique approach to prohibit the use of game currencies
while allowing players the ability to purchase items with real cash.
Unfortunately, this law did not curb cybercriminals from trading in game currency and selling it on
the black market. In order to continue profiting from this activity, cybercriminals developed new
methods of transferring game currency to and from outside servers, such as through PayPal.
Because of this, many internet users were victims of cybercrimes that resulted in their accounts
being hacked and private information stolen. As a result of this issue, several members of the
entertainment industry called for legislation mandating that game developers obtain a license
before allowing consumers to purchase game currency online.

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Currently, this bill has been introduced in the United States House of Representatives and is
currently pending in the Senate. If passed, this law will effectively force all video game
companies to purchase game gold or in-game currency in order to provide incentives for players
to purchase additional game items and use in their online games. As bad as this may sound,
there is good news. This legislation will not require video game companies to sell any of their
products in the United States, instead they must convert them into hard currency before selling
them in the US. Video game companies still have the option of selling their products in other
countries throughout the world, but they will be forced to do so at a price.
This is great news for you, the consumer, because it means that you will be able to purchase all
of your favorite games without having to worry about being ripped off or spending an arm and a
leg on premium content. Video game currency exchange sites will have to pay to have access to
these precious resources, so why should they charge you? Why should they be allowed to take
advantage of you, the paying customer? Why not reward the developer and maintain the

integrity of the industry by allowing you the freedom to purchase your games using real money
instead of purchasing worthless “tix” or pseudo currency?

Video Game Currency Exchange – Will Video Game Companies Pay You For Your Premium Content?

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